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Intervening with one’s faith or trying to influence one’s religious doctrine is clearly prohibited by the Foundation’s bylaws. We do not seek to change one’s beliefs but rather to find common ground between people—especially among those where this is disagreement, but who nevertheless, share common values. Just like Emir Abdelkader did during his own lifetime, we aim at cementing bonds within the global Muslim community based on his speech dated 27 November 1832: “Know that my utmost aim is unity of the Mohammadian faith, and this is left to Allah.” To do just that, the Emir Abdelkader El Djezairi Foundation reaches out to moderate Muslim clerics and scholars worldwide, spreading a culture of compassion and co-existence. We combat both ex-communication and religious fanaticism in all of its forms. Finding common ground and bridging gaps between Muslims is the core principle of the Holy Quran and it is also our principle vision at the Foundation. The Emir Abdelkader El Djazairi Foundation was founded on 7 August 2011 in Damascus, Syria. Its premises have since been located in one of the most gracious parts of the old walled city; a small cobbled alley called Zuqaq al-Naqib on the northern front of al-Amara, behind the Grand Umayyad Mosque. It was originally the brainchild of the Algerian Ambassador to Damascus and Emir Jaafar, the great grandson of Emir Abdelkader. Overnight, like-minded Syrian scholars joined the steering committee: Dr. Mohammad al-Qurabi, Mahmud Halaweh, Dr. Yasser al-Safi, and Dr. Sami Moubayed, an internationally renowned historian and author who now serves as the Foundation’s Senior Adviser. The founding chairman was the Algerian leader’s grandson Emir Bashir, who died in 2012 and has since been replaced by Dr. Mohammad Mutaz al-Sabini; a celebrated Islamic scholar specialized in Muslim genealogy and early Islamic history.

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Establishing a “cultural house” at the Emir’s mansion in al-Amara, an ancient neighbourhood of Old Damascus, was among our lead objectives in 2011. It has now been established and is dedicated fully to the emir’s life and career, along with the spirit of co-existence that he brought with him to Damascus when he first arrived after years of jail and exile, back in 1855. The Emir was born and raised in Algeria, and he spent the glorious years of his life fighting the French occupation of his country. When he arrived in Damascus, the ancient city became his second home and he spent what remained of his life spreading brotherly bonds between the Algerians and Damascenes. The city of Damascus always occupied an extremely special part of his heart and was incubator of the Sufi Order that forever became associated with Emir Abdelkader. This too is part of our aim at the Emir Abdelkader El Djezairi Foundation. Hand-in-hand with the people of these two Arab countries, we hope to promote moderation and to combat radicalization in all of its forms. We also strive to simplify Islamic Sharia to make it accessible to all mankind, and to tell people what Islam was and ought to become in the years ahead. The story of the Emir is an event-filled one, packed with anecdotes, hidden secrets, and a strong purpose in life. It ought to be studied in retrospect, now that everything he ever fought for during his lifetime has either collapsed or is on the verge of extinction, as fanatics, Salafis, and Islamic pirates grace the international media scene, striking at the very foundations and core of Islam. The career and thought of Emir Abdelkader El Djazairi is the true solace for the Muslim World today. Within his words of wisdom, one finds answers as to why the Muslim World went wrong and what it takes to restore it to the right track, without shattering or even modifying its core values.




The annual celebration of the Muslim New Year, al-Hijra, hosted by the Emir Abdelkader El Djezairi Foundation in Damascus.

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